Property Renovation

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Property Renovation

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Property Renovation & Alteration

Orchard Construction specialise in property renovations and alterations. With Oxfordshire being the highest cost of living city in the UK outside of London, more and more home owners are choosing to improve and alter their existing property. There are so many possibilities and options so please do get in touch to find out more.


Full Property Renovation

The project pictured here was completed in 2014 on a Victorian Rail Workers House in Didcot. The entire property was altered, damp proof course injected, internal walls removed or changed, sections of roof lifted, bathroom moved upstairs, kitchen extended and all finishings renewed. These changes really gave the property a new lease of life and when the owner decided to sell the property, it didn't even make it to the website or Estate Agents window before it was sold!

Property Alteration

Orchard Construction can combine property renovation or alteration with an extension to create a new wonderful bright open plan space as seen in this project completed in 2017.


Property Alteration

It doesn't always have to be the whole property and some of our clients have gone against the trend of open plan spaces. In this project our client wished to turn one large open plan room into two smaller rooms. Please do get in touch to find out more, we can't possibly display all the options or projects online.